Rongkai Zhao

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Software Engineering Manager
The Home Depot

Rongkai Zhao is a software development manager at the Home Depot. He received doctor degree in computer science from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in 2005. Since 2010, he started working in the area of product search engine and primarily responsible for the data science and machine learning aspect of search engine development. He has been a speaker for the series of Lucidworks hosted conferences for three years. He also received multiple patents and published papers in various international forums.

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Overcoming the Challenges of Query Autocomplete

Wednesday | 11:35AM - 12:15PM |

Query Autocomplete provides many on-going challenges that need regular consideration, from striking a balance between the goals of best understanding user intent and driving revenue to provide the best possible results to our customers by providing relevant, unambiguous search terms, constant analysis and refinement are required to meet the challenges we face in providing our customers the best search experience.

We wish to discuss the past year of improvements to our Query Autocomplete service, including phonetic, semantic, and order-insensitive deduplication of terms, normalization of noisy data in our search terms, and identifying and removing otherwise good search terms that don’t make sense in the context of our catalog. We also intend to discuss the metrics where these changes demonstrate improvement and discuss the next steps for improving the Autocomplete experience for our users.

Attendee Takeaway
We hope that the audience will gain an understanding of how we overcame several challenges with working with Customer Behavior data and be able to apply the lessons we learned to their own data processes.

Intended Audience 
Developers and Data Scientists who work with customer behavior and search data.

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