Sava Kalbachou

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AI Research Engineer

Sava is AI Research Engineer at Lucidworks, whose main focus is researching, developing and integrating cutting-edge NLP algorithms. As a part of AI-Lab team, he has been working closely on question answering systems, chatbots and neural search engines as well as on enriching search results with additional information like sentiment, topics, extracted named entities etc. He’s also actively participating in variety of Machine Learning competitions on Kaggle and other platforms, where he was able to achieve winning places by applying state-of-the-art Deep Learning techniques.

Sava Kalbachou is speaking at the following session/s

The Power of Semantic Vector Search

Americas - EMEA | 12:38PM - 12:39PM |

Recent advances in Deep Learning allow us to push the boundaries of search engines to new frontiers; one is Semantic Vector Search. By leveraging its functionality, we are able to tackle challenges that classical search engines cannot handle well out of the box. Some examples include underperforming and zero-result queries, natural language questions, recommendations and virtual assistants.

In this talk, we'll dive into Semantic Vector Search as well as scalable methods used to train cutting-edge deep neural encoders for production. We will also share several use cases showing how we leverage the power of Semantic Vector Search to help Lucidworks customers increase essential KPIs today.

Intended Audience

Researchers and practitioners in information retrieval, ecommerce search, vector retrieval and deep learning. Data and ML engineers. Business, product and engineering leaders responsible for the ecommerce product discovery domain.

Key Takeaway

Learn how to leverage the power of Semantic Vector Search to increase KPIs with several Lucidworks customer examples and use cases.

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