Scott Mabe

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DevOps/Cloud Solutions Engineer

Chris is a Lucidworks Certified Partner Consultant with 30+ years of experience in the Information Technology industry. The past 11 years have been focused specifically on search inside the enterprise. He brings with him a vast array of industry knowledge and real-world experience pertaining to technology deployments, networking, security systems, web, enterprise applications, and cloud computing.

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Live Demo of FusionReady

Thursday | 1:30PM - 2:10PM | Lincoln East

Does your website search tool need an upgrade? Onix has taken the power of Lucidworks’ Fusion and turned it into FusionReady, a cloud-based site search tool that can be deployed in record time with next to zero IT intervention—especially if you don’t have the time, staff or expertise to get it up and running. Under the hood, FusionReady is built on Google Cloud Platform and is a fully managed, self-healing service that uses Terraform, Cloud Build, GCR, Istio, Spinnaker and Google Kubernetes Engine. During their talk, Chris Cook and Scott Mabe from Onix will walk you through a live demo of FusionReady and show you how it can solve your site search problems in minutes while delivering the results your customers want.

Audience Takeaway
Attendees will learn about an easy solution for tackling their on-page internet site search woes. FusionReady provides a simple but powerful search solution for organizations that don’t have the bandwidth or knowledge to tackle their own implementation.

Intended Audience
Search at Scale, Search Relevance, Digital Commerce Transformation, Fusion User

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