Sean Grigg

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VP Delivery and Digital Services
Element Blue

Sean Grigg is the VP of Delivery and Digital Services and leads the Element Blue practice for portal and consumer solutions. Sean has led the delivery and architecture for several major health system digital portal programs. Sean has worked on integrations with most major EMR vendors and several primary Portal vendors with hundreds of clients.

Sean Grigg is speaking at the following session/s

Leveling Up On Consumer Health Service and Patient Portal Experiences

Learn how the latest healthcare digital experiences are changing the marketplace and delivering a deeper relevance in content and provider search results.  Explore how innovative health systems are taking actions to compete with tech giants and bring a local market care in focus for patient needs.

Attendee Takeaways

In this session you will learn how search can drive revenue and patient satisfaction, standardizing the connected experience across the system and the benefits of personalization for patient needs.

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