Shalin Manger

Paul Anderson photo

Senior Search Engineer

Shalin worked at AOL for five years on vertical search, content management systems, social/community platforms and anti-spam systems as well as AOL WebMail’s Inbox Search system which uses a highly customized version of Apache Solr to service tens of millions of users and more than a billion index/search operations a day. At Lucidworks, Shalin works on Apache Solr mostly around improving SolrCloud stability and performance.

Shalin Manger is speaking at the following session/s

Lucidworks Managed Search: A Multi-tenant Apache Solr Service on Public Cloud

Thursday | 10:45AM - 11:25AM | Columbia 6

A deep dive into the Managed Search -- Apache Solr in the cloud offering from Lucidworks including its major features such as autoscaling, security as well as behind the scenes architecture around provisioning and how we run a large scale search service in a public cloud environment.


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