Stanislav Stolpovskiy

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Search Architect
Grid Dynamics

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Semantic Vector Search: The New Frontier in Product Discovery

Americas - EMEA | 4:26PM - 4:26PM |

Semantic vector search has become a major component in modern search eco-systems. It ties together catalog data with customer behavior data within your retrieval system and helps you automatically adjust search results with recent trends.

In this talk, we will cover the process of encoding all available multi-modal product data: images, attributes, descriptions into input features for the relevance model and training this model using customer behavior data.

As a result, a semantic vector search system will be able to successfully tackle many tough cases such as out-of-vocabulary, thematic, symptom and subjective searches.

Intended Audience
Researchers and practitioners in information retrieval, ecommerce search, vector retrieval and deep learning. Data and ML engineers. Business, product and engineering leaders responsible for the ecommerce product discovery domain.

Attendee Takeaway
Learn how to boost your search experience and get great business impact from all available data in your system.

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