Stanislav Stolpovskiy

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Search/ML Architect, Head of Search Practice
Grid Dynamics

Stanislav Stolpovskiy is a Search and ML Architect at GridDynamics. Working at the company since 2012. He has extensive experience in the search domain, including building in-house search systems using open source for the biggest US retailers. He is currently leading search practice at GridDynamics. Stanislav is passionate about Machine learning, neural networks and Robotics. He is always trying to keep up with the latest cutting edge technologies and coolest trends.

Stanislav Stolpovskiy is speaking at the following session/s

Practical Applications of Neural Search in Digital Commerce

In this session we will cover the best practices and implementation patterns for integration of modern neural search techniques into production digital commerce product discovery systems. Speakers will focus on practical approaches to hybrid traditional and vector search retrieval and ranking. Grid Dynamics will also discuss leveraging state-of-the-art text-to-image models to achieve true multi-modal search experience, especially effective for marketplace search with unreliable content quality
Attendee Takeaway
Attendees will get an overview of recent trends in multimodal neural search and a comprehensive review of technical approaches and benefits for building hybrid combinations of traditional and neural search product discovery systems.