Tim Potter

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Chief Architect

Tim is a Solr committter and author of "Solr in Action." He leads a team of technologists to drive Lucidworks' cloud-native products and solutions for best-in-class search, analytics, and machine learning.

Tim Potter is speaking at the following session/s

What’s New in Fusion?

Wednesday | 4:10PM - 4:50PM | Jefferson West

Join Tim, Chief Architect of Lucidworks for a preview on the next generation of Lucidworks Fusion.

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Keynote Panel: Building and Running Solr at Scale

Thursday | 9:30AM - 10:05AM | International Ballroom

Panelists will discuss what it takes to run Solr at scale for their business, including deployment tradeoffs (on-prem versus cloud), how to build a team to support Solr at scale, and developer success and how to stoke app development. They'll also share tricks of the trade including plug-ins, connectors, and integration points, as well as dreams for the future of Solr and how to measure success.

The audience will leave with an understanding of how to successfully set up a team to deploy, monitor and run a large-scale Solr stack and how to make it useful to the broadest possible audience. 

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