Viren Patel

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Viren Patel is a Director at PwC working in the Chief Data Office and has over 16 years of experience delivering Enterprise Search and Data Analytics consulting solutions to clients. He is the product owner of an advanced Enterprise Search and Insights Engine which has successfully implemented the use of Machine Learning, AI, NLP, and Chatbots.

Viren Patel is speaking at the following session/s

Enterprise Search as a Service at PwC

Wednesday | 11:35AM - 12:15PM | Jefferson West

This session will focus on PwC's implementation of Enterprise Search, the journey to becoming an Insights Engine, and the transformation across the organization of the search user experience through Search as a Service. Departments across the organizations are harmonizing search, reducing technical debt, and resource costs by utilizing Search as a Service from PwC’s Enterprise Search program. PwC has successfully implemented AI, Machine Learning, and Advanced NLP to help boost the relevance of search results thus saving time for its employees.

Attendee Takeaway
Executives, business stakeholders, and product owners looking to further their knowledge on best practices of leading search programs.

Intended Audience
Search Development at Scale, Search Relevance, AI & Machine Learning