Viren Patel

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Viren Patel is a Director at PwC working in the Chief Data Office and has over 16 years of experience delivering Enterprise Search and Data Analytics consulting solutions to clients. He is the product owner of an advanced Enterprise Search and Insights Engine which has successfully implemented the use of Machine Learning, AI, NLP, and Chatbots.

Viren Patel is speaking at the following session/s

Solving for the Last Mile of Relevancy at PwC

Sessions | 11:45AM - 12:05PM |

Companies continue to struggle with bringing Relevant Search results to their users.  Leveraging advanced NLP tools focused on Relevancy can change the game for Search in the digital workplace along with managing top searches to bring instant relevance.  Combine those solutions with Machine Learning of Clicks Signals, Recommendations, and a User Feedback loop from Fusion to provide users a best in class search experience.   

Attendee Takeaway
Learn how to capture the language of the business and manage the Enterprise ontology to provide a curated relevant search experience.  Learn how an advanced NLP technology can help provide precision and accuracy to search.   Learn how Fusion AI leads to improved search. 

Intended Audience
Enterprise Search Product Owners,  Search Business leads, Developers focused on relevancy.