Ziru Fan

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NLP Data Engineer

Ziru Fan is the lead developer on Fusion's Predictive Merchandiser at Lucidworks. She focuses on the product's business logic and behind-the-scenes Machine Learning (ML) jobs. Driven by her passion for information retrieval technology development, Ziru has been working on search, text mining and NLP-related projects for over 10 years.

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Fusion Rules Engine

Wednesday | 10:45AM - 11:25AM | Columbia 3/4

Lucidworks Fusion is the enterprise platform for intelligent search and search analytics built on top of Apache Solr and Apache Spark. Predictive Merchandiser, powered by Solr and AI, enables merchandisers to keep pace with millions of digital signals that online shoppers send every day. Fusion's artificial intelligence enhances merchandising velocity and reduces the number of repetitive tasks that overwhelm merchandisers.

Attendee Takeaway
How to use Predictive Merchandiser
Dataflow and Implementation Overview of Predictive Merchandiser
Why should one use Predictive Merchandiser

Intended Audience
Companies that are looking to automate some of the merchandising process to free up employees and provide a more personalized online shopping experience.

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